Attuatori_Sunbell_on_014Our impressive wireless motorised blinds are now available in Anthracite (RAL 7016), this particular colour proves to be incredibly popular within the residential market, offering a neutral shade making a great practical addition which adds an air of tranquility to a room.

Our stylish looking blinds never require cleaning, they allow you your privacy and are perfect for reducing glare.
The advantage of having your blinds incorporated into your sealed units is that they don’t require the constant dusting and maintenance associated with conventional blinds. BetweenGlassBlinds allow a room to have both privacy and protection from bright sun light, without obscuring your view, while still allowing light into a living or working space.

Our innovative Venetian or pleated style blind sits inside a hermetically sealed double glazed argon filled unit, which protects the blind from damage, dirt and grime. Meaning the blind is hygienically excellent, never needs cleaning and is completely maintenance free.  BetweenGlassBlinds come in up to 14 colours and a full range of glazing options are available to suit any type of installation, both for the domestic and commercial markets.

Our integrated blinds offer a high performance, low voltage electronic solution. No electrician is required, the control unit is battery powered and does not need to be wired into your mains. The Electronic Control Units are rechargeable too so no need to worry about the cost of constantly replacing batteries.

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Our new style power pack and remote control will be coming out in Autumn…

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