Homeowners use their properties in different ways which makes every home unique. Many houses whether new build or older properties have rooms that could benefit from more light. Consequently the homeowner is often left with the dilemma of balancing the need for natural light against the need for privacy.

How Between Glass Blinds can provide solutions in your home.

Natural light is an obvious benefit to any room, but depending on the aspect of the room there may be a need for privacy.  There could be different reasons for needing to keep a room private. It is therefore to be expected that light will be required in different types of rooms when they’re in use, but keeping the rooms and their contents obscure when needed.


Between Glass Blinds for Kitchens

The Kitchen is arguably the most commonly used room and has so many different uses.

Integral blinds are excellent for kitchen windows and doors where moisture, pets and daily living puts wear and tear on conventional blinds.

Depending on our individual properties kitchens are far more than cooking areas where moisture from cooking or home appliances can affect typical fabric blinds fitted to doors and windows. We use our kitchens for work, play and many of us even keep our pet bedding and food in the kitchen.

Therefore a high use room can age a traditional fabric blind or curtain much faster than a bedroom or a spare room.

Many kitchens are also situated in the back of the home making them visible at night and particularly in the Autumnal months when the nights draw in.

Between Glass Blinds are blinds between double glazed units, which can therefore help keep kitchen windows private when needed yet bright when in use. And they can avoid the wear and tear associated with any fabric or paper blind in a high use room.

Many kitchens have doors as well as windows in the room and these too can all benefit by having their glass replaced with integral blinds.



Between Glass Blinds for Garage, Workshop or Home Office

If you use your garage or spare room as a workshop, home office or to house a prized possession such as a classic car you’re restoring, you will obviously want light when using the room but privacy to keep your valuables secure.

This is another area where Between Glass Blinds integral blinds can help. If your workshop or garage has windows, a glazed door or even a sliding door integral blinds are idea. For any high use room subject to moisture, dirt, daily living or simply high use, integral blinds fitted within double glazing can offer many solutions.

Whilst it is more expensive than an external blind longer term it may prove the more cost effective and reliable option.


Can you fit Between Glass Blinds to existing doors and windows?

Bifolding doors, French doors or any PVCu, metal or timber door can be enhanced with Between Glass Blinds integral blinds sealed in the unit.

The first consideration is the age of your windows and doors. If you have products that are over 10 years old it is worth seeking the advice of a specialist integral blind manufacturer. You can contact us on 0208 500 2200.

If your windows are designed with internal or external glazing beads (as virtually all timber, PVCu, or aluminium windows and doors are), you should be able to replace your existing double glazing with new glass having integral blinds.

Normally these should be fitted with either a 24mm or a 28mm unit and if so, there is no reason why your glass cannot be replaced.


The main advantages of Between Glass Blinds.

  • They can be operated with magnets, battery powered or hard wired as part of a complete smart home solution
  • Integral blinds remain clean and protected from dirt and moisture
  • Blinds in glass can be retrospectively fitted to most doors and windows
  • They look attractive
  • They are available in a huge choice of colours and options
  • They can help keep you house bright when open and secure when closed.